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In 2005, Mongolia's military had 8,600 dynamic staff, with stores of 137,000. The Army had 7,500 work force, whose hardware included 370 fundamental fight tanks, 120 observation vehicles, 310 reinforced infantry battling vehicles, 150 heavily clad staff bearers, and 570 big guns pieces. The Air Force had 800 work force whose real gear included 11 assault helicopters and 9 settled wing transport airplane. Paramilitary strengths comprised of an outskirt monitor numbering 6,000 and 1,200 inner security troops. Mongolia's protection spending plan in 2005 totaled $17.6 million.

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Khalkha Mongolian, the official dialect, is talked by around 90% of the populace. It is one of a huge vernacular gathering in the Mongolic branch of the Altaic dialect family. Ahead of schedule in the thirteenth century, the Mongols embraced a letters in order written in vertical sections from the Turkic Uighurs, and they held that script until present day times. The abstract dialect contrasted progressively from the living talked dialect and, in 1941, the Mongolian government chosen to present another phonetic letters in order that would precisely reflect current spoken Mongolian.

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