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A standout amongst the most vivid and unique things of Mongolian national dress is the conventional head wear. The Mongolian crowns varied fit as a fiddle and reason; there were caps for the youthful and old, summer and winter and men and ladies, occasions and services and chic and ordinary caps. Their mold and trimmings and hues were stunning changed relying upon the sex of the individual wearing it his or her social position or to who's tribe or nationality they had a place There are 400 distinct styles. For ex; the cone molded top of the cap (blue or red) had 32 sewing symbolizing the unification of 32 Mongolian tribes.
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Yellow-headed Buddhism started to go into Mongolia from Tibet the second 50% of the 16 Th century. Since that time, for the most part, Mongolians trust Buddhism. Be that as it may, Mongolian Buddhism is not quite the same as Tibetan Buddhism. Mongolian Buddhism associated with Mongolian conventional way of life. Before in 1930 40% of the male populace was lamas (friars). Between the comrade cleanses 1930-1940 Russian and Mongolian fighters annihilated around 700 cloisters and sanctuaries
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